Machinery Painting


Many major manufacturing contracts have been awarded based upon the appearance of the production area of a manufacturing facility. Plant inspections by potential clients prior to awarding a supplier contract are now commonplace.

Most, if not all certifications require housekeeping assessments. Making your plant look like a safe, well run operation comes from hard work making sure staff, equipment and machinery are all being well looked after. This is what a customer wants to see. It gives them confidence in your operation.

There is no better investment in a production line than nicely paint-detailed machines. Staff will respect the equipment they’re operating more when it looks like their employer cares about it.

Whether you are looking for colour uniformity of all the machines in your factory, colouring specific production lines differently from others, applying safety colours on moving parts so they are more visible, or painting specific machines a certain way — a high quality paint job can only improve the look of your factory and increase the chances of getting the next big contract.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be so confident in your plant that you can offer a potential client a tour of your facility? This is your opportunity to show off how good it looks!

Global Facility Services, Inc. has been painting production equipment onsite for over 30 years so we have outstanding experience. Metal stamping presses, conveyor systems, robotic welders, chroming lines, mixers, blenders, milling machines, high-heat furnaces, lathes and drill presses in machine shops, food processing equipment, roll forming equipment, silos, and tank linings — we’ve done them all and more.

Often the machinery requires a thorough cleaning and solvent washing, followed by meticulous covering of items not to be painted. The final painting is the easy part! We tend to use epoxy paints for their tenacity, hardness and chemical durability.

Procedurally, we always try to minimize the downtime of a machine, because downtime costs money! Our objective is to provide you with great value with a reasonably priced paint job that will last a long time.

Have questions about painting your machinery or equipment? Contact us today — we’re here to help.